Hear about the experiences of current PCIA clients and learn why they make the Premier Choice for their insurance needs.


"It’s been great to have Premier Choice Insurance Agency to handle all of our insurance needs - since they range from personal - home, autos, farm, motorcycles, ATV’s and umbrella policies - to business (rentals). My husband and I selected PCIA due to the complexity of our insurance requirements and after meeting with them we knew we would have a partner, not just an agent. Service level is superior and anytime I call I am always greeted with a smile on the phone. With all the liabilities in today’s world I know that PCIA has my back."



"The Three Rivers Artist Guild has undergone a tremendous growth this year with several community art projects ranging from Art in Windows in downtown Oregon City to First Friday Art Walk and opening the TRAG Art Gallery.  None of this would have been possible without the PCIA’s professional, personal and economically feasible insurance coverage they have been able to provide for us.  The additional insurance coverage for a special exhibit of historical Oregon City art loaned from City Hall and the TRAG Board of Directors liability insurance coverage strongly exhibits their 'service with a personal touch.'


On behalf of the 135 members of the Three Rivers Artist Guild, I really want to thank you for working so closely and conscientiously with us to provide community art venues."


-Mike Wonser, President Elect. Three Rivers Artist Guild


"I own commercial real estate property in multiple locations, and insurance is difficult to keep track of. I put my trust in Premier Choice Insurance Agency to maintain my policies, so I don’t have to. They were able to keep my insurance policies with the same company to keep the paperwork minimal while giving me coverage I didn't know I was living without for less money that I was paying with my previous agent. It was a great deal I couldn't pass up, and I have been shown that it was a wise investment."




"As a business owner, I appreciate the convenience of having Premier Choice Insurance Agency behind me.  My insurance had been neglected in the past, both my home and auto and my business and bonds, but now I can relax knowing that my policies and bonds are reviewed annually, whenever I call with a question I get an answer that is correct, I never have to worry because they always follow through with my needs quickly and accurately. PCIA doesn't forget that no matter how minor an issue may seem it should be treated with high importance. The quality doesn't compare, I love them plain and simple!"


-Gina, Business Owner


"We have been with Premier Choice for only a few short months, but in that time we couldn't be more pleased with the quality of service that we have received from our agent Sara Dier and Premier Choice Insurance Agency as a whole.  I don't know why we waited so long to make the switch form our previous provider, but are so happy that we did.


We are a small business who had been with a large in surance firm her in the Portland area for the last several years.  The problem was that whenever we would need the assistance of our agent (which thankfully wasn't often), we never could get a timely response--not so with our new agent, Sara.  I rarely wait more than a few hours, let alone days to receive answers to my questions.  And the customer service from the rest of the staff is stellar as well--in the rare event that Sara is unavailable.


I previously worked in client relations for a Fortune 500 company, so I believe that I have some idea of how clients should be treated.  Unfortunately, many companies apparently don't feel that this is important and good service is becoming more and more rare in business these days.  I treat my clients well or I wouldn't have a successful business.  I expect the same out of the companies that I use and this is one company that delivers what they promise and more.


In addition to the excellent service that we receive, we also saved a significant amount of money on various premiums when re-evaluating our policies compared to what the previous agent had written.  We discovered that we were not as properly covered as we should have been in some areas and even with adding additional coverage, our premiums were much lower when re-writing our new policies with Premier Choice.


I can't say enough about how happy we are with our agent and agency.  Our only regret is that we didn't make the switch sooner and save ourselves money, as well as headache.  This is a professional company that provides excellent rates and takes good care of its clients.  I would very highly recommend them to all of my friends and colleagues."



-Rachel Marchello, Owner of Live Earth, Inc.