Insurance Consultation Services in Oregon City, OR

As a business owner, you’ve probably received multiple solicitations from insurance agencies, or you currently have coverage but you’re not sure if you have what you need. Terri Powers, President at Premier Choice Insurance Agency, Inc. is a licensed insurance consultant with the expertise to help you understand your risks, and walk you through your current coverage plan. From there, she is able to determine if your current policy has gaps that can result in liability issues for your business.

The Importance of Working with an Insurance Consultant

You’re an expert in your industry, but you may not have the experience needed to truly comprehend the depth of an insurance policy or risks your business is exposed to. Working with an insurance consultant ensures you have the right coverage at a rate that is feasible and sensible for your business. Seeking consultation ensures objectivity and credibility through working with an expert in business insurance.


Insurance consultants can assist you through a variety of scenarios including but not limited to:

  • Determining Appropriate Levels of Business Coverage
  • Employee Crime Scenarios/Risks
  • Determining Appropriate Coverage Levels for Equipment
  • Helping to Create Proactive Plans Against Other Potential Risks

Knowledgeable, personable consultants working for you

Terri Powers has been consulting businesses on their insurance coverage and needs for many years. That is why most of these businesses choose to insure with Premier Choice Insurance Agency, Inc. Terri is always objective and fair when proposing her recommendations – regardless if you choose to insure with her or another agency.


To learn more about insurance consultation services for your business, call us at 503-655-3025 or contact us through our website. We look forward to working with you!