July's Classic Car of the Month

1968 Ford Mustang

Owned by Angela and Travis Stone

August of 1996, my parents were searching for a third family car for me to drive to school for my senior year.  I wanted a newer, trendy car, but my parents were hinting that they wanted to purchase a classic car; which I was not excited about at all. That was until we went to see this beauty. The moment we pulled up I thought, "I could drive that! It looks so neat!"  We ended up purchasing the '68 from a nice young woman that was selling it to go to college.  I enjoyed driving the mustang around from driving a car without power steering!


My parents decided to sell the mustang in 2012 and we decided to purchase it to keep it in the family. We rebuilt the motor and then had some body work and new paint done the following year. We enjoy taking it for a drive on a sunny day and our kids get a kick out of its classic charm.  We participated in the successful Guinness World Record Mustang Parade in 2014 and still proudly display our number in the windshield. 


Interestingly enough, last year, the young woman we bought the car from saw it in town and stopped by our house to see it all fixed up and said she would love to buy it back someday if we every decide to sell it.  Luckily for this mustang, its had some loyal and loving owners!


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