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If your home is insured with Premier Choice Insurance Agency, Inc. read below for more information on an easy, but effective way to stay secure

Many are unaware that insurance is not a one-and-done purchase, but rather, a resource that requires careful attention and regular review.  We at Premier Choice Insurance Agency, Inc. are sure to consistently monitor your coverage and make sure that the peace-of-mind you seek continues for years to come.  We also, however, encourage all of our homeowners to take part in their insurance through every available route.


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One tool we promote to all of our personal lines customers is the practice of keeping up-to-date homeowners inventory.  This  documentation keeps track of all the assets within and around your home, so that in the unfortunate event you need to file a claim, PCIA will have your back.  This indispensable strategy, when properly utilized, can prevent a significant headache, and save you time and money.  With this comprehensive documentation, the claims process becomes far more effective as a result of these proactive steps.


Inventory and many other insurance topics are confusing for many—the Insurance Information Institute (III)an organization dedicated to educating the public on a variety of different coverages, wants to make this process as easy, efficient, and modern as possible.  Premier Choice Insurance Agency is encouraging all of our customers in Oregon City and throughout the Portland metro area to access and utilize their free resource for your dwelling's protection: Know Your Stuff®.


Know Your Stuff® takes the once tiresom task of homeowners insurance inventory and makes it totally accessible, understandable, and easily updatable.  Hosted through the III's website, you can create a custom inventory shaped around the unique design and contents of your home.  Log on and update your account from anywhere, whether you are at home in Oregon City or across the country.  We can't predict the future, but we can be as prepared as possible.


For full details, give the Know Your Stuff® website a visit.



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